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NOW IS THE TIME! – Blog #10

NOW IS THE TIME! Blog #10 Letter to Steven Guilbeault Minister of Environment and Climate Change. Government of Canada Advanced Release May 20, 2022 Dear Minister Steven Guilbeault. Email address: This letter is in response to your article in the Peterborough Examiner Tuesday May 17, 2022. The article was titled How to build a..

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NOW IS THE TIME! Blog #9 Putin’s Merciless War on the Ukrainian People Changes Everything! Advanced Release April 14, 2022 Putin’s Merciless War on Ukraine Now as we move into the second month of the unprovoked war in Ukraine it is clear that the Russian army advance on the capital city of Kyiv has failed;..

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Blog #8 – NOW IS THE TIME!

NOW IS THE TIME! Blog #8 Mobilizing the Local Command Structure and Resources to combat the Climate Crisis Long Emergency in Peterborough, Ontario Canada. Advanced Release March 3, 2022 “If we call the Climate Crisis an Emergency, we need to act like it’s an Emergency…. winning slowly is the same as losing.” Greta Thunberg Post..

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Blog#7 Canada … We Have a Problem!

NOW IS THE TIME ! Blog #7 Canada …we have a problem!  There are only two ways to reduce GHG emissions in Canada….anywhere actually! The first is to reduce population… the second is to reduce per ca-pita consumption of energy. We are also under the illusion that we can switch to renewable electricity and carry..

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Blog #3 – The Two Most Bitter Pills to Swallow

Blog # 3 The Two Most Bitter Pills To Swallow!                  adapting to the climate crisis long emergency.              I had no idea how to start this blog until reading the Examiner local newspaper of July 16th, 2021  LETTERS TO THE EDITOR by Fiona Campbell titled Nothing is more Important than empathy.  Fiona’s article expressed her gratitude for receiving her second vaccine..

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Blog #2 – Business as Usual Stalls Progressive Action on Peterborough’s Climate Emergency Declaration

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The City of Peterborough, Ontario, Canada declared a Climate Emergency in September 2019.  However, the current City Mayor and Council remain committed to business as usual, and there is no sign of  them taking the time to learn what it will take to do their job and help their own citizens live in the Climate Crisis Long Emergency.  It’s shameful… especially in..

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